Women in GIS Networking Groups

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Web sites with information specifically regarding peer support for women in GIS. Read interviews about women in this field or find GIS related support groups. Networking groups are listed alphabetically:

African Women in GIS
African Women in GIS is a community made up of African women around the world who study, work or are interested in the geospatial industry.  To become involved, follow African Women in GIS on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Black Girls MAPP
This networking group has a mission to create  “Awareness, Connect and Celebrate black women who are contributing to the progress of Women in GIS.”

Supporting Women in Geography and GIS (SWIGGIS)
Based in Austin, Texas, SWIGIS is an “organization of female geospatial professionals dedicated to the awareness, education and participation in geography and GIS.” Members can participate in social and educational events in the Austin area.

WeCan @ Esri
Short for Women’s Empowerment & Career Advancement Network, WeCan @ Esri is devoted to “nabling women of all backgrounds at Esri to achieve their goals and build strong careers.”

Women in Geospatial
This professional networking group seeks to promote gender-equality in the geospatial industry. The group hosts an active Slack network.  To apply to join the channel, fill out the interest form.

Women’s Geospatial Forum
Hosted on Esri’s GeoNet, the Women’s Geospatial Forum was launched as a place for “women across all geospatial sectors to find information and resources, ask technical or professional questions, and engage in discussions with women and allies in the GIS industry.”

Women in GIS LinkedIn Group
Connect with other women GIS professionals on LinkedIn.

Women in GIS (WIGIS)
Pronounced  “wahjus” after the group’s acronym WIGIS, this networking group seeks to promote the visibility of women in the geospatial industry field.

Women in GIS, Kenya
Women in GIS , Kenya is an initiative that champions for diversity and Inclusivity in the geospatial industry through trainings, technical events and Mentorship. We also hold quarterly #DataViz Challenges to explore issues that affect Women and Girls.  The group is currently developing their website so the best way to reach them is via their Twitter account: @WiGISKe.

Women in Spatial (NZ)
This LinkedIn networking group was launched about five years ago as a way to provide information to those working (or seeking a job) in GIS in New Zealand.  Members of the group can access GIS related tips, job listings, access to speakers, and geospatial industry news.  The group also has local branches in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and some of the smaller regions in New Zealand.

Women in GIS Interviews

Women and GIS: Mapping Their Stories: a collection of twenty-three profiles featuring women professionals who use GIS published by Esri Press.

We are all cartographers: Interview by the Mappyist Hour Podcast with Sarah Bell, a cartographer with Esri and Co-Founder of Petrichor(dot)studio.

“Lindsey the GIS Specialist”: This free children’s book follows Lindsey, who works as a GIS specialist, as she explains what the acronym GIS means, the different types of GIS data, how she collects data, and what some of the maps she makes are used for.

Women in GIS Series: Now defunct series of occasional interviews spotlighting women who work in the field of GIS. From Directions Magazine.


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