Wildland Fire and GIS


Informative links on modeling and Wildland fire data.

Site for downloading FARSITE. FARSITE is a stand-alone fire growth simulation model.

Four-Km2 Fires Datatset
From the Earth Observatory, you can download fire data.

GeoMAC (stands for Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination) is an online mapping application that provides updated fire locations and perimeters for all active fires within the 48 conterminous states and Alaska.  The mapping application, developed in ArcIMS, shows the locations of fires raging in the United States (with the exception of Hawaii).  The site also has KML files to download of each of the current fire perimeters.

Incident Support Mapping
Overview by the US Forest Service of the applicability of GIS in fire management.

Remote Sensing of Forest Fires
Article looking into remote sensing as a research tool for analyzing forest fires in conjunction with GIS.

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