What is the Floor for GPS Prices?

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Prices for GPS navigation devices are set to drop even lower on Black Friday with units for a Tom Tom  model debuting at $59 at Wal-Mart and $99 for a Garmin model at Best Buy.  With many cars now stocked with navigation devices and an increasing segment of the market using their smartphones, competition by vendors for consumers looking to purchase stand-alone personal navigation devices (PND) is fierce.  Consumer Reports has a “Countdown to Black Friday: Best Deals for GPS Units” which lists where to find the best GPS prices by model.  If you buy online from TomTom and have an older PND, you can trade it in.  Once you place an order for a new GPS unit, Tom-Tom offers an estimate calculator for your older model.  Send in the old unit and a rebate check will be mailed 7-14 days later.


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