What Happened to Neogeography?

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With the premise that “online references to neogeography are on the decline” Sean Connin discusses whether this “trend may reflect our growing acceptance of the new mapping democracy and it’s place in popular culture.”  Connin looks at the popularity of search terms neogeography, GIS, Google Earth, and Google Maps over time as a way of gauging perceptions about GIS and neogeography.  The search term statistics for GIS, Google Earth, and Google Maps (neogeography was dropped due to a lack of enough data to graph) from 2004 to present.  The conclusion of Connin’s analysis was “It appears that since 2004, Internet users in the United States have searched less frequently for GIS-related sites and/or news during their browsing activity and are spending more time searching for information related to Google Earth and Google Maps.”   How that relates to neogeography and the author’s hypothesis of  the decline of the use of the word isn’t well tied together.  Connin acknowledges this in part: “This analysis does not suggest any correlation between browsing activity and the relative importance of web mapping and GIS in scholarship. Nonetheless, the data do provide some basis to generate questions, predictions and/or hypotheses related to developments in the geospatial industry and spatial practices in the classroom.” (Via The Map Room)

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