Watch Landsat 8 Imagery Acquisition in Near Real-time

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The FarEarth Global Observer offers visitors the opportunity to view near-live streams of Landsat 8 imagery being acquired in near real-time.  The website streams imagery as it is being acquired by the earth observation satellites as they pass over the earth and the images are downlinked by ground-stations.   The USGS offers a similar website, EarthNow! was developed off of FarEarth Global Observer that displays imagery from both Landsat 7 and 8 satellites.

Both Landsat 7 and 8 each make 14 orbits a day around the earth, which each orbit taking 99 minutes.  Each satellite acquires complete satellite imagery of the Earth every 16 days.

Visitors can also access recorded imagery streams for a range of earth observation satellites by clicking on the “Recordings” button to see the latest streams.

Visit: FarEarth Global Observer

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