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One of the complaints people had with the new redesign of Google Maps was that Pegman had disappeared.  For users of Google’s Street View imagery, Pegman was used to drag the icon onto the map to view Street View at a designated point.  Pegman even provide amusement, turning into a penguin when viewing imagery on Half Moon Island in Antarctica.

Google Maps has posted on Google+ that Pegman has “just made the journey from classic maps to new Google Maps.”  Now Google Maps is taking suggestions on Google+ about Pegman’s new look:

Pegman just made the journey from classic maps to new Google Maps ( ) and he’s so excited about his new adventure, he can’t stop dancing. But he has one problem – he can’t figure out what to wear!

Help him out by suggesting outfits with the #PegmanLive . The P-man will be taking over the Maps +Page soon and responding with #selfies of his new duds all day.

So, if you have a Google+ account, post your suggestions with the hashtag #PegmanLive.

A few images of what’s shown up:

The dancing banana posted to promote the new #PegmanLive:




Pegman riding a unicorn


Not really sure what to make of this one:


Stay tuned to Google Maps on G+ for more iterations of Pegman.

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