Virginia Quake Maps

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A magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit Virginia on August 23rd and was felt across a large portion of the eastern side of the United States.  The epicenter was located in central Virginia.  The last time an earthquake that strong hit the Virginia areas was one reported in May of 1897, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Giles County.

The best to start for earthquake maps of course is on the USGS site.  The Virginia earthquake site includes maps covering the location of the epicenter, the “Did you feel it” maps showing the perceived intensity of the earthquake as reported by individuals, and PAGER maps.  The PAGER map shows shaking and loss estimates.

PAGER map from the USGS. The concentric rings show the categorized shake intensity ranging from category VII (light orange - severe) to IV (light blue - light).

The New York Times has also compiled some Virginia earthquake maps, of interest is a map showing the extent of where people felt the Virginia earthquake as compared to a 6.0 Central Californian earthquake from September 24, 2004.  Also mapped is the location of all east coast earthquakes with a magnitude 5.0 or higher.

Also posted on YouTube is an animation from showing seismometer measurements taken from the EarthScope project Transportable Array showing the movement of up and down motions across the United States as a result of the August 23rd Viriginia Earthquake.  Red dots are up movements and blue dots are down movements.  The original video can be accessed from

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