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Users can search, view, and download Landsat 8 imagery with this free online web viewer developed by EOS Data Analytics.

Users can search for Landsat 8 imagery by geographic location or scene ID.  Imagery results are then easily browsable.  The results can be further filtered based on date of image acquisition, cloudiness and sun elevation.  The web browser is built using the open data archive Landsat on AWS (more: Landsat 8 satellite imagery available for free via Amazon Web Services).  Built using MapBox’s mapping platform and loaded with base layers from OpenStreetMap, the map browser also uses tile technology to rapidly render imagery scenes.  This technology also makes viewing data on tablets and smartphones possible.

Once the desired scene is selected, the user can then selected which bands to view.  EOS DA has developed technology that transforms the raw satellite imagery data stored in 16-bit GeoTIFF format on-the-fly into the displayed images.

EOS DA's Landsat 8 data viewer.
EOS DA’s Landsat 8 data viewer.

Exploring the different bands available makes for some interesting views.  For example, the North Sea’s water surface looks like a deep universe with a myriad of stars pan sharpen RGB:


This view of a valley in Kazakhstan looks like a painting:


Explore the Landsat 8 viewer and be sure to submit any feedback you have on the experience by clicking the submit feedback button located in the lower right hand column (right above the Twitter logo).

Visit: Landsat 8 Viewer

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