Using Google Earth for Good

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USA Today has an article about the growing use of Google Earth by non-profits to increase awareness about global issues.  Recently in the news was Google and the the US Holocaust’s efforts to bring awareness about the crisis in Darfur using an application in Google Earth.  The information about Darfur was compiled into a Global Aware Layer that was made available to the over 200 million users of Google Earth.  More recently, organizers at the non-profit Appalachian Mountains put together a Mountaintop Removal application in Google Earth memorializing the removal of 470 mountain tops in the region as a result of coal mining.  Coming down the pipeline will be Google Earth applications focusing on climate change.  The USA today article quotes Rebecca Moore a software engineer at Google Earth as saying, “Over the next year or two we’re going to see a lot of interesting visualizations in Google Earth to educate people about climate change.” 

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