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Digital Raster Graphics are created and maintained by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The maps have been scanned into digital format and contain topographical and survey information. Find resources here to understanding and working with DRGs. The first site to visit is the DRG homepage which contains information about DRGs and how to obtain them.

Articles and Tutorials

Making DRGs Transparent
Scroll down to the Digital Raster Graphics heading to find instructions for making DRGs transparent in ArcView 3.x. Part of an exercise created by Jeff Isenring of the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

USGS DRG Processing Methodology
Written by Brian May of the St. Johns River Water Management District, this article reviews methods by which to manipulate DRGs using AML scripts in ArcInfo Workstation. Included on this page are links to download the AMLs.


DRG Resource Sites

Software and Tools

ArcView DOQ/DRG Tools Extension
Free Extension from Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for ArcView 3.x. This extension enables the user to clip, rotate and rectify imagery.dlgv32 Pro
Free tool provided by the USGS for viewing DRGs. Currently only supported on Windows platforms.

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