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I received an update from Collin Welbon of ESRI who is the administrator for wiki.GIS.com, the recently launched wiki.

Upon the inception of wiki.GIS.com, we did not know how many people would get onboard or if people would choose to get onboard with the wiki. Our intention is to provide a central location for all GIS-related information, and this information be provided by the GIS community in an ongoing collaborative effort of distributing their knowledge of GIS. We seeded the wiki with some of the GIS-centric pages from Wikipedia in order to launch the wiki with some content provided. This was also done in the hope that the GIS community will come to wiki.GIS.com and edit the current content as well as add their knowledge to the wiki.

We are seeing this begin to happen! With wiki.GIS.com now available online for almost three months, we have seen an increase in users and contributors as well as more than 100 content pages added to wiki.GIS.com. We have made some changes to the main page, such as the featured map section and the cyclical tag cloud; and the contributors have been adding quality content and moderating the current wiki pages.

I posted a blog post on the Mapping Center blog here at ESRI about adding maps and content about the maps to wiki.GIS.com. These maps could eventually be added to our Featured map section and appear on the main page of wiki.GIS.com. We are excited about the possibilities!


We are adding a whitepaper to the wiki, and plan to add more book-type content in the near future. The whitepaper (System Design Strategies) that we are currently adding will not only add a tremendous amount of content, but more importantly will give GIS users and educators a resource to use the System Design Strategies wiki pages to help them in any way deemed necessary. This is also a great venue for something like a whitepaper in that the author can go in and add to it and adapt it when necessary without all the publishing  woes. This is still in the early stages of development, as far as getting the content onto the wiki, but I wanted to let you know how and where we are progressing with wiki.GIS.com.

If you haven’t visited the wiki yet or are hesitant on getting started with your contributions, I highly recommend that you check it out.


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