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University of North Georgia Receives NSF Grant to Expand GIS Program

As the GIS industry continues to experience a healthy grow rate, and with the US Department of Labor having developed a standardizing model of geospatial competency, it’s reasonable to expect an increase in investment towards higher education providing GIS degrees and curriculum.


This month, a $609,739 grant has been awarded on behalf of the National Science Foundation (NSF), towards the University of North Georgia’s Institute for Environmental & Spatial Analysis (IESA). This grant was given to enable the university to create a new curriculum for a corresponding associate’s degree and certification program in a project entitled “Applying Geospatial and Engineering Technology.” The aforementioned academic programs will center of geospatial engineering, as well as land surveying.

This project aims to build onto a previous award granted by the NSF, that the University of North Georgia used to construct curriculum that allowed the provision of two certificate programs – centering on GIS and environmental sciences – as well as a bachelor’s degree focusing on environmental spatial analysis.

View the university’s official announcement:

Student Logan Moore operates a total station surveyor with Dr. Jeff Turk, IESA director. Image: University of North Georgia.





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