Undergraduate Research Guide in GIS

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Ssh! Quiet in the library! As the academic year progresses, many GIS students will find themselves tasked with research projects. Frequently, pleas for help in selecting a hypothesis or for assistance in finding research on the chosen topic populate the GIS related discussion forums and email listservs. In response, ESRI’s Virtual Campus has created the “Undergraduate Research Guide“. Shelley Sommer, ESRI Librarian has created a useful primer to help students choose and research a topic.
The primer is broken out into three sections:

  • Choosing a Topic
  • Finding good reference materials
  • Finding materials

The first section guides the reader pointers in how to find a research topic that is both manageable and interesting. The second section helps the researcher determine which sources are the most valuable. In the era of the World Wide Web and non-peer reviewed material, it’s important to make sure sources have merit. The last section reviews the ways in which to obtain reference material: both through the Virtual Campus and through traditional sources such as university libraries. The Virtual Campus, with over 20,900 references presents a valuable resource for researching GIS related topics. References are broken into categories for browsing and include books, conference proceedings, journal and magazine articles. The researcher can even search through newspaper articles and audiovisual sources.

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