U.S. Wildfire Map


An interactive map published by Esri shows the wildfire locations across the United States which covers the current wildfires raging in central Texas region and in California (click on the fire icon for each location for a popup with the fire name and current amount of acreage burned).  The wildfire data is from USGS NHSS as is updated every 15 minutes (for a map of all current natural hazards tracked by the USGS visit the Current Natural Hazard Events online map from the USGS).  Also available as selectable layers are wildfire perimeters published from  Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination (GeoMAC) and MODIS hotspot data, provided by FIRMS that shows global fire locations and burned areas from the past 7 days.

Esri has also generated its own layer for the entire United States categorizing wildfire potential:

Wildland Fire Potential delineates areas based on fire intensity, weather, frequency, and size, which was then classified into a relative ranking of fire potential from very low to very high. Susceptibility to fire is also connected to vegetation type, proximity to urban areas, percentage of dead vegetation, and amount of time since the last burn. This map service represents one of seven standard input layers which support the USFS State and Private Forestry Potential Assessment Redesign Project. The data is developed for national and regional assessments.

The U.S. Wildfire map also maps out social media content from Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube based on keywords.  The map can be customized and then either link or embedded by accessing the share button at the top righthand corner.


Visit: U.S. Wildfire Map (also visit Wildfire Support Resources for a list of U.S. Agencies that provide access to maps, data, imagery, and other resources relating to wildfires).

US Wildfire Locations

US Wildfire Locations


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