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Online lessons in a wide range of subject matters for learning GIS. Take an introduction to GIS class. Other subject matters include using Census data in GIS and an Introduction to Hydrology.

How To GIS Tutorials

Listed here are the available step-by-step or explanatory articles on GIS Lounge for accomplishing various tasks in GIS.

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Web Mapping Tutorials

General GIS Tutorials

More GIS Tutorial Resources

GIS Education
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K-12 GIS Education

ArcGIS Tutorials
List of mostly video-based ArcGIS tutorials demonstrating step by step instructions on functions using ESRI’s desktop GIS software.


Accessing Spatial Data Tutorial
Tutorial for learning about spatial data, its usefulness, accessibility and the national infrastructure (NSDI) which supports it.

Database Concepts
Created by Kenneth E. Foote and Donald J. Huebner, this website is a great introduction to GIS concepts.

ESRI Campus
Free and fee-based online courses in a variety of subject matters offered by ESRI. Registration is required to take classes.

Geographic Information Systems
Created by the USGS, this website features information about what a GIS is and the history of GIS.

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