Totem Map Maker Shutting Down


totempubMost have never heard of Totem Publications which produces maps for the Western Washington state area.  The small map maker shut their storefront location and is selling off all of their stock.  What makes the closure of such a small enterprise and others like them notable, is the loss of knowledge about the local geography.  When asked by HeraldNet about using GPS or MapQuest instead, local Ian Gerrish replied:

“They don’t work that well up north,” Gerrish said. “When you’ve got a fully loaded truck and trailer, and roads they show don’t go through, we find map books are still the way to go.”

As for other sources for geographic data about the area, writer Kristi O’Harran notes:

Thomas Guide only shows the belly of Camano Island in its map books.  Whidbey Island doesn’t exist in the Thomas world. There is a map of Camano available at the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce, but it doesn’t show all the streets.

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