Top Ten Online GIS Master’s Degree Programs

If you’re looking to earn a graduate degree in GIS and are considering distance learning, Justin Holman has recently published his top ten picks for online graduate degree programs.

Earlier this year, Holman posted his list of the top ten GIS graduate programs in the United States.  Holman presents his overall ranked listed of GIS programs as well as subcategories ranking the top GIS programs in terms of their strengths in cartography, spatial statistics, remote sensing, and computation.

For his top ten online GIS graduate programs, Holman only considered GIS programs that led to a Master’s degree and not merely a certificate.  The actual ranking system he used is fairly subjective and is based on his own impressions of the programs: “I don’t have a formal methodology for the rankings themselves; rather, this represents a qualitative review of the curriculum and faculty as observed on each program website.”

To see Holman’s list visit: Top 10 On-line GIS Master’s Degree Programs   

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