Top Five Most Important Skills For a GIS Career

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Joseph Kerski, the Education Manager at Esri, has create a series of three videos that looks at the skills needed for a successful career using GIS.  Kerski pulls from his experiences at Esri as well as an instructor teaching geography and GIS at various educational institutes.

The video series starts out with some reflection on what developing success in GIS means.  Kerski urges viewers to first consider how GIS fits into their career path: “(1) As a toolset that you use in your career as a biologist, public safety officer, marketing analyst, or in another career where GIS is listed only as a required or advised set of skills;  and (2) As a GIS manager, technician, analyst, or another career where GIS or a variant is a part of the title and primary job duties.”  Kerski also askes viewers to consider GIS as a three-legged stool that involves developing one’s content knowledge, skills, and the geographic perspective.

Once Kerski’s framework has been introduced, he presents his top five skills for a successful career in GIS.  I won’t give away his list, you will need to watch his videos to learn what those are.  However, I will hint that his list isn’t the typical list of specific skills such as “knowing Python” but rather a bigger picture look at what skills make for a successful career.

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