Top 5 Skills You Need to be Successful in a GIS Career – Free Webinar


Joseph Kerski, education manager for Esri, and Dr. Devon Cancilla, dean, business and technology for American Sentinel University, are the featured speakers in a free webinar entitled “Top 5 Skills You Need to be Successful in a GIS Career.”  The webinar will be held September 27 at 1pm (EDT) and is being hosted by American Sentinel University.

Dr. Kerski will discuss the importance of furthering your GIS education at online schools […], the growing and evolving technology and industry, and why the top 5 skills will be even more important as the “geospatial revolution” continues to have a growing impact on our society.

You can register for the free webinar by visiting:

Joseph Kerski has also written a complementary post, “Improving Your GIS Communication Skills” which discusses using GIS and other tools to communicate geographic data and spatial analysis results.


The editors at Directions Magazine also expanded on the top skills in GIS by publishing their own “The Top Five Skills Needed to Have a Successful GIS Career” podcast and followup article.  In it, Adena Schutzberg and Joe Francica each list five skills they find critical for being successful in a GIS career.

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