Today in GIS: COM.Geo, Azteca's Cityworks Server PLL

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Organizers of the COM.Geo conference, which is scheduled to happen in Washington, D.C. from May 23-25, released information about the event’s spotlights.  “Mobile Geospatial – Digital Earth on Mobile Phones and iPads” is one of the main themes and over forty presentation and talks will be held on this topic.  Related keynotes will be:

“NASA World Wind: Infrastructure for Spatial Data”, OGC Chief Architect George Percivall will deliver a keynote “GeoWeb on Mobile Internet”, Microsoft Senior Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism for U.S. Public Sector Dan Kasun will deliver a keynote “Technology Trends and Industry Innovation”, and U.S. Federal Communications Commission GIO Michael Byrne will deliver a keynote “National Broadband Map”.

Scheduled workshops will cover MobileGIS, NAVTEQ, Hasso-Plattner-Institute, 1Spatial Group Limited, Skyhook Wireless, and Windows Phone 7.  Also planned are R&A (research and analysis) talks relating to mobile geospatial technology.

The City of Delaware, Ohio has implemented Azteca’s Cityworks Server PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land) which is being used to manage permitting and code enforcement.  The city is one of the first to deploy Cityworks Server PLL which has been written about in the Spring 2011 edition of InPrint.

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