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Esri is offering a free seminar on May 12 (9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 3:00 p.m. PST) entitled “Making and Sharing Maps with ArcGIS Online.”

During the seminar, you will learn how to create your own map and then share it with the public or your own private group. You will also find out how to access, at no cost, geographic resources such as web maps, map services, applications, and layer/map packages. The presenter will demonstrate how to add features to your maps and create custom pop-up windows and notes to help your map tell a story.

Visit for more information.

Satellite company, RapidEye, announced today that it will be working in cooperation with SST Software to integrate its farming maps with SST’s products and services.  RapidEye’s crop maps can be accessed from SST Summit® and SST FarmRite®.  Additionally, imagery archives from 2009 and 2010 will be made available.  Starting in June of 2011, North American and Australian users of Summit Software will be able to see RapidEye Precision Ag products on their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

SuperGeo has  developed an “Eco-cultural GIS website for Tungnan University to integrate the campus navigation system with the information of surrounding environment, ecology and culture.”  The web site display geographic data including satellite imagery, Google Earth 3D buildings, and tourism data.  More information about the application is at: Eco-cultural Web-GIS website.

Eco-cultural Web-GIS website from SuperGeo
Eco-cultural Web-GIS website from SuperGeo

BlueSky, an aerial surveying firm has developed almost 4,000 km2 of detailed 3D height data for the Kent County Council in the United Kingdom.  The DEM and DTM data will be used by the council for “prediction of archaeological sites, support for highways planning works, viewshed analysis of major works – for example an incinerator at Aylesford and production of ‘walk profiles’ to give ramblers a more accurate representation of difficulty. The data will also provide context for other types of mapping and will support feasibility studies and public consultations such as a proposed cable car system in the Dover area.”

3D computer model of the Bluewater Shopping Centre
3D computer model of the Bluewater Shopping Centre

IDV Solutions released Fetch! which is software for mobile access to Microsoft’s SharePoint, PerformancePoint, SQL Server, and other enterprise data.  Using Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android, or other mobile devices to retrieve data and create custom mashups of business intelligence data.  Fetch! is cloud based, using Microsoft’s Azure network.

Quick Notes:

Caris has been awarded the National Survey Storage System project from Rijkswaterstaat, the executive body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in the Netherlands.

Envitia has hired Philip Lear as an Account Manager to the Government and Utilities sector at Envitia Ltd.

Wayne County in Pennsylvannia has renewed its Small Government Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with Esri.

Maponics has a new offering of “geographic boundaries of more than 3,000 shopping malls, districts, centers and outlets across 100 metro areas in the United States.”  Maponics Shopping Boundaries data includes the polygon of the shopping area and surround parking lots, name, address, and type of shopping.  The shopping data, along with other select data sets, will also be available through Location Labs, a provider of mobile location-as-a-service.

SuperGeo has been selected by Survey & Instrument Specialists of Australia.

TractBuilder has joined the Esri Partner Network.

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