TileMill: Open Source Mapping Now for Windows

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TileMill can now be used natively in Windows with the latest release.  The release of TileMill 0.9.0 also includes a new plugin system: “TileMill UI can now be extended and modified using standalone, JavaScript plugins.”  The new release also includes many fixes and updates including shipping with a desktop app client instead of requiring a browser.

For an idea of what you can do with TileMill, the Chicago Tribune demonstrated some of its capabilities as part of its Making Maps series using PostGIS, Mapnik, TileMill, and Google Maps.  Demos of TileMill in action can also be viewed on MapBox’s Maps page.

TileMill has also released a crash course to help new users walk through using the open source application.  The course reviews:, Importing a basic spreadsheetStyling a basic point mapAdding tooltips and legends, and Exporting maps and sharing them on the web.

TileMill uses open source libraries: Mapniknode.jsbackbone.js,express and CodeMirror.  CSS styling is utilized by TileMill with its map styling language Carto to render beautiful that can either be exported as image and PDF files or uploaded and displayed online.

Visit: TileMill

TileMill Now for Windows.
TileMill Now for Windows.


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