This Map is Tracking the Wuhan Coronavirus in Near-Realtime


As new cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus (known as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV for short) are reported, an interactive map developed by John Hopkins University (JHU) is providing near real-time tracking. Built as an ArcGIS dashboard, the map pulls in information from a wide range of sources to be able to provide twice daily updates.

Where is the Data About Wuhan Coronavirus Cases Coming From?

As reports of new cases come in, the map updates by aggregating reporting from sources source as the WHO, U.S. CDCECDC China CDC (CCDC), NHCand Dingxiangyuan (an aggregator site for health cases). These reports of new Wuhan Coronavirus cases are geocoded by city or place so they can be displayed on the map. The aggregated data can also be downloaded as a Google sheets spreadsheet for those that want to directly access the Wuhan Coronavirus data (more on where to download the virus data below).

A snapshot of the state of the Wuhan Coronavirus taken on January 27, 2020.

Statistics About the Wuhan Coronavirus

The GIS dashboard contains a comprehensive overview of how the Wuhan Coronavirus is spreading day-by-day. On the top left is the total number of confirmed cases as of the last update (the Wuhan Coronavirus map is updated twice a day). The box below that show a list of the cases by countries and administrative units. Click on any of the locations on that list to have the map pan to that region. The graph below that shows how the spread of the virus is skyrocketing with the total cases in China. Hover over each point on the graph to see the number of confirmed cases being report for both China and other locations.

Mapping the Wuhan Coronavirus

The middle of the GIS dashboard is dedicated to a global map showing all reported Wuhan virus cases by location. Click on any location of Wuhan virus cases on the map and a pop-up will display information about the cases being reported there. The boxes on the right side display summary information about total deaths and recoveries as well as location-by-location detail about cases.

Download Wuhan Coronavirus Data

To download the Google sheet with the latest Wuhan Coronavirus data, visit the box in the lower right-hand corner for the link. Contained within the spreadsheet are two columns for place and country that can then be geocoded using GIS software.

Map of Wuhan Coronavirus Cases

For more details about how this map of the Wuhan Coronavirus was developed, visit JHU’s blog post about it.

Visit: Map of Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases

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