Thirty Years of Landsat Data Now Available From the ESA

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A couple of years ago, the European Space Agency (ESA) made its thirty year archive of Landsat imagery available to the public.  At the time, users needed to submit a request via the Earth Observation Principal Investigator Portal and wait for approval.  Now users can directly download a variety of Landsat satellite imagery products from ESA’s web portal without having to formally request it.

ESA has made 150,000 new products from the Landsat-5 satellite imagery free and available for direct download.  ESA recently completed reprocessing the data which now aligns with data from the Landsat 8, the latest satellite launched by NASA in February, 2013.

As additional Landsat data is processed by the ESA, it will be made available to the public for downloading:

The next phase of Landsat archive processing will include the rest of ESA’s unique data holdings, including all Thematic Mapper data acquired by the Matera (Italy) and Maspalomas (Canary Islands, Spain) stations.

Data from the Enhanced Thematic Mapper on Landsat-7 and the Multispectral Scanner on the first five Landsat missions, dating back more than 40 years, will also be processed. These products will gradually become available over the course of 2014.

ESA’s Landsat 8 portal makes data from the Landsat satellite acquired via its Neustrelitz station in Germany available within three hours.  Landsat is jointly managed by NASA and the USGS.  ESA serves as a Third Party mission which means it assists the program via its ground infrastructure and expertise to acquire, process and distribute Landsat data to users.

Landsat 5 image of Lisbon, Portugal acquired on August  14, 2004.
Landsat 5 image of Lisbon, Portugal acquired on August 14, 2004.

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