These Maps are Tracking the Rise and Fall of Coronavirus Cases across the United States

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As states in the United States enter phased reopening, residents can track COVID-19 infection rates at the US state and country level with these websites.

Propublica is tracking the trajectory of each state’s positive coronavirus testing rate per 100,000 residents. Laid out in a tile grid map format, simple arrows show if each state, D.C., and Puerto Rico are trending higher, lower, or plateaued when it comes to positive coronavirus test results compared to the prior two weeks. Users can play the timeline tool at the bottom to see the arrows adjust each week based on testing results. For example, the week of April 10 showed many of the Northeastern coastal states trending sharply upward during that period. Click on each state brings the user to more detailed metrics about that state such as testing rates, ICU bed availability, and hospital visits for flu-like symtoms.


Esri is tracking COVID-19 trends at the county level. Updated daily based on data pulled from Johns Hopkin’s COVID-19 map tracker, the map application displays summary data about the day-to-day rate of new cases. Counties are symbolized in shades on magenta denoting a rising trend and shades of teal for declining trends in transmission rates. Users can click on each map to see summary statistics about that county’s number of active cases, total cases, case rate per 100,000 residents, deaths, days since the last new case, and the number of new cases in the last 14 days. Maps for each of those individual metrics can also be viewed by clicking on the named tabs at the top of the map view.



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