The Perfect Field GPS

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Leszek Pawlowicz who runs the Free Geography Tools blog, has put together his wish list of the ultimate handheld field GPS unit.  Currently Pawlowicz has found that “there isn’t a single model currently available that does everything I’d like to see in such a unit.

While professional-grade units are available from Trimble and Ashtech (formerly Magellan Pro), they tend to be much more expensive than consumer units, less rugged, have shorter battery lives, and run Windows Mobile (aack). And while they’re good at data recording, they’re nowhere near as good as standard consumer GPS models when it comes to navigation and map display.

Pawlowicz lists his requirements that covers all aspects of working with a field GPS unit including: battery life, antenna, display, ruggedness, operating system compatibility, allowed amount of waypoints, tracks and trackpoints, and ability to added geographic data.  (via The Map Room)

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