The Hunt for Bermeja Island

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1846 map by Henry S. Tanner with the location of Bermerja
1846 map by Henry S. Tanner with the location of Bermerja

Bermeja, an island that existed off the Yucaton coast, has mysteriously disappeared. The island first appeared on maps in the early 1500s and was apparently last mapped in 1941. Google Maps lists the coordinates but points to a location in the ocean. Exploratory efforts by the Mexican government have been unable to locate the island, leading the National Autonomous University of Mexico to conclude in a report to the Mexican Congress that the island doesn’t exist. Some hypothesize that natural erosion has caused the island to disappear while more cynical minds have lobbied accusations that the island was deliberately distroyed by American interests in oil drilling in the region. The existence of the island is an important physical marker for the maritime boundary of Mexico and would play a big role in protecting Mexican interests in drilling agreements with the United States.

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Bermeja island - Google Maps_1252260896431
Google Maps screenshot showing the supposed location of the island.


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