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Peugeot is promoting its new RCZ coupe with Google’s Street View imagery.  Type in a to and from address in the search box to launch the application.  While the application is processing, Peugeot keeps you “entertained” with details about its new car, hyping it with the tagline “No wonder even Google Street View wanted to take a ride.

Even a short distance takes a while to process.  I entered addresses that were only 1.3 miles apart yet it took several minutes for the web site to process the route.  The resulting “test drive” is actually rather clumsy with stop action like photography pulled together from Google’s Street View imagery and the dashboard of Peugeot’s RCZ coupe placed at the bottom of the screen.  For part of the route, the car was actually “driving” backwards with the sequence of imagery in reverse.  Watching the entire route was giving me a sense of car sickness with the perceived motion going back and forth as the Street View imagery toggled from moving forward to moving backwards.

Peugeot’s RCZ View isn’t as slick as some of the other viral marketing campaigns out that that I’ve seen.  The jumpy still photography certainly isn’t a good promotional platform for driving an actual RCZ coupe.  State Farm’s Create a Local State of Chaos was more imaginative and better developed.

Visit: Peugeot RCZ View


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