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There’s a new forum for discussing Geographic Information Systems called Technolife (A Transdisciplinary approach to the Emerging CHallenges of NOvel technologies:Lifeworld and Imaginaries inForesight and Ethic).

From the collaborators:

TECHNOLIFE is a research project funded by European Union that aims at creating debates about new and emerging technologies such as GIS, digital maps and globes (such as Google earth) and similar applications, improving public debate on how to meet future challenges and at the same time have a greater number of voices heard within our political and regulatory systems. Policy-makers, journalists, citizens and social, environmental and computer scientists are being invited to take part of the process.

The discussion will be focused on future scenarios of technology applications, followed by a deliberation on the most important issues and values associated with those scenarios. Issues ranging from privacy, surveillance, risk of misuse of information, relations of power and others of concern of the participants.

The outcomes of the discussion will be presented to high-level policy makers within the European Union. Therefore, this is also an opportunity to have your voice heard and, in the long term, influence policy.

The participation is open to all interested people.  Please visit and register.



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