Take a Virtual Tour Through the 24,000 Acres That Will be Preserved Thanks to the Founders of Esri

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Jack and Laura Dangermond, the founders of Esri, have donated $165 million to the Nature Conservancy to purchase 38 square miles of unspoiled natural habitat at Point Conception, California. The donation is the largest ever single gift to the Nature Conservancy. The purchase preserves over 8 miles of coastline in an environmentally sensitive area and will be known as the Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. The tract of land is home to around a million Coast Live Oaks, a section of the Santa Ynez mountain range, and coastal bluffs.

While the primary aim is the permanent preservation of the area, Esri will be lending tools and assistance to the Nature Conservancy to map out the tract. From Esri’s press release:

Over the next eighteen months, The Nature Conservancy will undertake a thorough catalog of the ecological, historical, and cultural aspects of the land to inform a thorough management plan focused on preservation, research, and education. Technology and tools, including GIS, will be used to implement approaches like building a digital twin of the landscape, green infrastructure, and smart conservation planning, creating an opportunity for everyone to better understand the issues facing environmental conservation today.

In the meantime, a 3D tour of the tract is available. Built using ArcGIS Interactive 3D Scene, users can click on the preselected thumbnails to view different perspectives.


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