OpenStreetMap's Atlanta Mapping Marathon

UPDATE: Fox News in Atlanta has a segment on the OpenStreetMap mapathon.

OpenStreetMap is gearing up for a three-day mapping marathon to map with a goal of making the city of Atlanta one of the best mapped in the United States.  Over 200 volunteers are expected at the event and will be given GPS units in order to map “everything from bike paths to emergency phones and police precincts.”  BBC News has a write-up on the event.

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GIS Wiki World

While Wikipedia is a widely popular site with additions and contributions to the all encompassing encyclopedia occurring around the clock, not everyone in the geospatial field has been impressed with the entries relating to GIS and spatial technologies. James Fee dedicated a blog entry about his view on wikipedia’s GIS article, saying ” The GIS Wikipedia article is such a mess I wouldn’t direct anyone there in the first place even if I trusted the sources.” The integrity of posts by companies seeming to post their own promotional information has also been called into question.

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