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Comprehensive Guide to Integrating GIS Into Local Government Released

A new book offers a comprehensive insight into integrating enterprise GIS systems into local government. “Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government” offers deep insights and case studies of tried and true methods of selling the importance of GIS systems and implementing them into local government contexts.

Maps and Cartography

Map of every independent coffee shop in San Fracisco and the walking-shed community associated with it.

You Are Here: Data Visualizations at the Hyperlocal Level

The Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab has launched an ambitious hyperlocal cartography project called “You Are Here” which has a goal to produce 100 maps showing a slice of life in 100 various U.S. cities (for a total of 10,000 maps).  The project is starting out with launching one map per […]

GIS Data

Comparison of population densities between London, New York, and Tokyo.

The Urban Observatory Uses GIS to Seek to Better Understand Cities

The Urban Observatory is a live museum that allows access to a large amount of data about major cities around the world. The observatory allows users to compare and contrast a wide variety of GIS data covering areas such as water distribution, power grids, street networks, population density, public transit, and open public spaces.

Spatial Analysis

Object Oriented Image Analysis For Urban Development and Management

Object Oriented Image Analysis For Urban Development and Management

The research topic is land cover mapping with object oriented image analysis approach. The research took urban conglomeration of Vijayawada city as one of the case study. Over the last 30 years remote sensing methods have operationally been used for environmental issues, especially in areas where only insufficient field data […]