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This image is a portion of the first Landsat 8 scene acquired May 12, 2013 (Path 107, Rows 70-71) in Western Australia. Geoscience Australia, a Landsat International Cooperator and a Landsat Science Team Member, produced this enhanced image. Water and land were masked, separately enhanced, and then reassembled. The water patterns are the result of an RGB display of the Landsat 8 red, blue, and ultra-blue bands (bands 4, 2, 1) and the land is shown using SWIR, NIR, and green (bands 6, 5, 3). The resulting image displays impressive sediment and nutrient patterns in the tropical estuary area, and the complex patterns and conditions in the vegetated areas.

First Landsat Spacecraft Launched – Today in Geospatial – July 23

On July 23, 1972, the first Landsat spacecraft was launched.  At the time it was known as the Earth Resources Technology Satellite and it was the first satellite launched to study the earth’s landmasses.  In 1975, the name was changed to Landsat.  Since then, this program has been continuously monitoring changes […]

GIS Data

Artist rendering of the Proba-V satellite. Credit: ESA–P. Carril, 2012.

This Day in GIS: May 7 – Launch of Proba-V Satellite

Proba-V, the miniature satellite was launched on May 7, 2013 from French Guiana.  The “V” in the name stands for vegetation as Proba-V’s role is to capture imagery about the world’s vegetation to be used, for example, for day-by-day tracking of extreme weather, alerting authorities to crop failures, monitoring inland water […]