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R Packages for Spatial Analysis

Looking for R spatial packages?

3 months ago

Installing QGIS on the Mac

QGIS is an open source GIS software package that can be freely downloaded. Find step-by-step instructions on how to install…

2 years ago

How to Embed Mapillary’s Street Level Imagery Into Any Mapping Platform

MapillaryJS is a platform-agnostic WebGL JavaScript library for displaying street level photos which allows for integration with a variety of…

3 years ago

Automating Extracting GIS Data from Scanned Maps

The New York Public Library Labs (NYPL Labs) has posted on Github the code to its open source map-vectorizer project.  NYPL…

6 years ago

Weave – Open Source Data Visualization

Weave is an open source offering from the Open Indicators Consortium.  OIC is a collaboration with the Institute for Visualization and Perception…

7 years ago

TileMill: Open Source Mapping Now for Windows

TileMill can now be used natively in Windows with the latest release.  The release of TileMill 0.9.0 also includes a new plugin system: "TileMill…

7 years ago

Fabric Engine: 3D LiDAR Rendering Via Web Browsers

Fabric Engine enables developers to create compute-intensive web applications with comparable performance to native, multi-threaded applications. Fabric Engine achieves this…

8 years ago

Making Maps with R

R language is a commonly used programming language and open source software that can be utilized by statisticians for statistical…

8 years ago

WhatWasThere – Augmented Reality

WhatWasThere is an augmented reality application that features a growing online database of geolocated historical photos.  You can search for photos…

8 years ago

GIS Software Resources

GIS Software Packages Summary of commercial GIS software currently on the market. Find out about the commercial applications available for…

8 years ago