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QGIS 3.0 Released

Version 3.0 of QGIS, the popular free and open source GIS software, was released today.

1 year ago

How to Add a Map from Mapbox to QGIS

This tutorial will show you how to take a map style you have created in Mapbox and load it into…

2 years ago

Learn GIS for Free

There are a few online options to learn GIS for free. Take advantage of resources that provide you access to…

2 years ago

How to Geocode Addresses Using QGIS

If you have a CSV formatted file containing addresses, you can take advantage of QGIS to map out those addresses.…

2 years ago

Mapzen Shuttering on February 1, 2018

Catching the geospatial community off-guard, Mapzen announced on January 2, 2018 that it would be shutting down all services on…

2 years ago

What is PostGIS?

PostGIS is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant software used as an extender for PostgreSQL, which is a form of…

2 years ago

Where is Open Source GIS Going?

Mark Altaweel discusses the growth and direction of open source GIS tools and software in this opinion piece.

2 years ago

Dress Up Your QGIS Install With this Whimsical Plugin

The QGIS hats plugin is a bit of fun that accomplishes no other purpose than to add a hat to…

2 years ago

Open Source GIS and Freeware GIS Applications

An open source application by definition is software that you can freely access and modify the source code for. Open…

2 years ago

Python and GIS Resources

Find resources to web sites about Python scripting to use in GIS. Learn how to use Python to expand your…

2 years ago