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California Supreme Court Rules that GIS Data are Public Record

After a lengthy battle in the court system, California’s Supreme Court has finally ruled in favor of allowing public access to the government’s GIS data in Orange County. Back in 2007, the Sierra Club sued the county for the right to use its GIS data for environmental mapping projects. Orange County resisted, however, claiming that the digital maps did not fall under the Public Records Act.

OpenStreetMap's Atlanta Mapping Marathon

UPDATE: Fox News in Atlanta has a segment on the OpenStreetMap mapathon.

OpenStreetMap is gearing up for a three-day mapping marathon to map with a goal of making the city of Atlanta one of the best mapped in the United States.  Over 200 volunteers are expected at the event and will be given GPS units in order to map “everything from bike paths to emergency phones and police precincts.”  BBC News has a write-up on the event.

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