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Average sea-surface topography for 2013 as mapped by CryoSat combined with data from the ERS-2, Envisat, GFO, Topex/Poseidon and Jason missions. Red represents higher sea levels (up to 20 mm) while blue represents lower areas (down to –20 mm). CryoSat’s ground-tracks are seen as long ‘strips’. It can be seen that CryoSat reaches higher latitudes compared to previous radar altimeter missions, and can capture a high-degree of mesoscale activity in the Gulf Stream. Source: ESA/CNES/CLS

Download CryoSat-2 Ice and Ocean Data Products

The polar-orbiting CryoSat-2 satellite provides researchers with a ice and ocean data that is helping to understanding the current state of the world’s ice sheets and oceans.   Since its launch in 2010, CryoSat-2 has collected data that provides scientists with an understanding of changes in the thickness of polar sea ice, […]