GIS Data

This routing shows a perfect match between the suggested route of the algorithm and the GPS route. The solid line of the GPS route overlaps with the dotted line of the predicted route.

Using Speed Data to Track the Movements of Vehicles

Researchers from Rutgers University have been testing out the theory that speed information matched against road topology provides enough information to be able to figure out a driver’s final location.  The research sprung out of the speed data collected by insurance companies to monitor its customer’s driving habits in order […]

Spatial Analysis

New approach for turn restrictions by Tim Hirrel.New approach for turn restrictions by Tim Hirrel.

Turn Restrictions Simplified

This guest article by Tim Hirrel takes a look at a new method for implementing turn restrictions in GIS street data. Turn restrictions (e.g. no right turn allowed or no u-turn allowed) are an important component of network data used for driving directions and logistics.   Tim Hirrel is the […]


How Can GPS Vehicle Tracking Improve Your Business?

How Can GPS Vehicle Tracking Improve Your Business?

White paper from Fleetmatics From communications and shipping, to productivity and back office procedures, technology has pervaded every aspect if the business world. But small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with vehicle fleets have an additional tool at their fingertips to gain further benefits from the technological revolution. Increased access to […]