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How LiDAR is Being Used to Help With Natural Disaster Mapping and Management

Michael Shillenn, vice president and program manager with Quantum Spatial outlines three projects where LiDAR data from the USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) has been used to assist in planning, disaster response and recovery, and emergency preparedness.  

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How GIS Helps Drive Hydrography Data

There are more high resolution maps of the Moon and Mars, than the seafloor. Largely because of high costs and challenges at every stage of data gathering and processing. However, GIS-driven technological innovations have the power to change this with improved navigation and positioning systems and geoprocessing in real time for faster accurate surveys.

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LiDAR was used to Map Flooding from Hurricane Isaac. Source: USGSLiDAR was used to Map Flooding from Hurricane Isaac. Source: USGS

LiDAR: Light Detection And Ranging

LiDAR is an acronym for ‘light’ and ‘radar,’ a tool developed to detect targets and to use reflected light off of objects as a kind of visual sonar. Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) can determine how far objects are away from each other by shining a laser onto a target and analyzing the […]