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Free Earth Science and GIS Classroom Materials

Esri has launched a new initiative that offers free ArcGIS Online based classroom learning materials.  The first collection, called the Earth Science GeoInquiry Collection, provides fifteen web-mapping lessons for middle school students. “Earth Science GeoInquiries provide a substantial change in the way we, as educators, use mapping and geographic analysis with […]

How to Learn GIS

With its multi-faceted approach, learning geographic information systems can seem daunting. Fortunately there are a wealth of approaches you can take to get started. From structured curriculums to distance learning and online tutorials, check here to find out more information on learning the field of GIS. How to Learn GIS […]

GIS 101: Learn About GIS

GIS is a multi-faceted discipline built that incorporates a variety of technologies and concepts. To really understand the capabilities of GIS, it is important to learn cartography, spatial and statistical analysis, database management, and programming. Looking to get started in GIS?  This GIS 101 page is the launch page for […]