GIS Data

Historic airway beacon located in Utah.

Guiding Airmail Flights Using Giant Arrows

Long before the advent of radio navigation and Global Navigation Systems (GPS) to assist in air flight, the Transcontinental Airway System was developed to aid nighttime airmail flights.  Proposed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the TAS was a series of beacons on concrete arrow platforms to form […]

Spatial Analysis

Using GIS to Showcase College Acceptance

Every June, my local paper is filled with the local private school announcements containing lists and lists and lists of where students have been accepted to. With all the private schools competing with each other to showcase college acceptances for that year, creating a map showing the locations of colleges […]

GIS Data

Blue pictures are by locals. Red pictures are by tourists. Yellow pictures might be by either.

Mapping Out Geotagged Photos

Eric Fischer, a photographer, has done his own analysis of geotagged maps on Flickr with his The Geotaggers’ World Atlas.  Over fifty major cities are represented in his set.  On top of OpenStreet base maps, Fischer used perl scripts to identify and plot the clusters of locations.  The lines show the […]

GIS Learning

GeoBriefs: Has China Banned You?, Juicy Geography

GeoBriefs: Has China Banned You?, Juicy Geography

Are you curious if your web site is accessible in China?  Test out your URL on the Great Firewall of China to see if your site can be viewed within China: Great Firewall of China. Steve Dahl, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune opines on the beauty of simply unfolding a […]