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Maps and Cartography

Google Ancient Places: Exploring the Geography of Ancient Places in Text

GapVis (Google Ancient Places Visualization) allows readers the ability to geographically explore text covering ancient places.  The endeavor is backed by $50,000 in funding from Google’s Digital Humanities Awards Program. The project is led by a team of academics and is based out of the University of Southampton. The Edinburgh Geoparser has been […]

Maps and Cartography

Where to Look for Historical Maps

The use of extracting data from old paper maps is growing in popularity as a method to understanding historical geography.  David Ramsey popularized the method of georectifying historical maps and draping those maps over a DEM to create a 3D view.    Pastmapper is a project that digitizes historical maps in […]

GIS Learning

Historical Geography and GIS

Historical GIS is the use of GIS data to document the given geography of an area in history.  GIS can be used in historical geography research to map out ancient areas and the changes in cities and places over time. NHGIS (National Historical Geographic Information System) stores historical GIS data […]