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Spatial Analysis

Where are the residents of Turkey the happiest?Where are the residents of Turkey the happiest?

Using a Heat Map to Show the Level of Happiness by Province in Turkey

Dogus Guler is a graduate student in Geomatics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. His main interest area is Geographical Information Systems and he shares the analysis of happiness rates across Turkey.   This heat map was produced with happiness research data at the provincial level conducted for the first time in Turkey […]

Spatial Analysis

World touristiness map by Ahti Heinla.World touristiness map by Ahti Heinla.

Heat Maps in GIS

Heat mapping, from a  geographic perspective, is a method of showing the geographic clustering of a phenomenon.  Sometimes also referred as hot spot mapping, heat maps show locations of higher densities of geographic entities (although hot spot analysis tends to be used to show statistically significant patterns: more about the difference between heat […]