Great Barrier Reef


GIS Data

Very high resolution (2m) bathymetry map of the Wreck Reef in the south Coral Sea Islands. The Wreck Reef got its name from the sinking of colonial ships.

Satellite Mapping of the Great Barrier Reef

For the first time, a complete bathymetry high resolution (30 meters) bathymetry map is available of the Great Barrier Reef. The map was produced by remote sensing company, EOMAP using satellite data and imagery.

GIS Learning

Armchair Geography

Armchair Geography

Geospatial technology has allowed users the ability to travel the world without ever leaving home.  Users can explore the world, inside and out.  Last October, Google unveiled Google MapsGL which uses Google Maps and Web Graphics Library (WebGL), bring 3D graphics to web browsers.  Showcasing the advancement were sample 3D tours […]