Where is Open Source GIS Going?

Mark Altaweel discusses the growth and direction of open source GIS tools and software in this opinion piece.

2 years ago

Open Source GIS and Freeware GIS Applications

An open source application by definition is software that you can freely access and modify the source code for. Open…

2 years ago

GIS on the Mac

There are a few software packages and configuration options for those Macintosh users that are interested in running GIS software…

8 years ago

GRASS How To: Sample Files

Example Linux versions of some critical GRASS files This appendix is the home of Linux-specific examples of selected GRASS configuration…

22 years ago

GRASS How To: Enhancing GRASS

If you plant to enhance any part of GRASS, read this first! GRASS has been developed for over a decade…

22 years ago

GRASS How To: GRASS 4.2 Quick Start

Installation Instructions Warning These instructions pertain to the 4.2 release of GRASS. Users are urged to consult the complete installation…

22 years ago

GRASS How To: Acquisition/Compilation of GRASS Source Code

The GRASS binaries for Linux tend to work. Why would anyone want to mess with the source code? Let's try…

22 years ago

GRASS How To: References

For general reference material on GIS, try a very good technical bookstore (in many cases these are campus bookstores at…

22 years ago

Acquisition/Installation of GRASS Binaries

This appendix describes how to acquire and install Linux binaries for GRASS4.13 (the 3rd update to the last full release…

22 years ago

GRASS How To: Copyright Notice, and Notice on Support of this Document

9.1. Copyright notice This document was prepared by a Federal civil servant in support of his work (but mostly on…

22 years ago