The Zipments delivery app allows users to track their packages on their smartphone.

Crowdshipping: the Newest Development in Mobile GPS

Crowdshipping is the delivery of goods based on the selection of a courier closest to the delivery route. The service was inspired by crowdsourcing, or the act of enlisting a group of people to help with a project, and is already growing quite rapidly. Couriers typically provide one-day shipping (or […]

Spatial Analysis

Maps show probable relative interactions between leatherback turtles and industrial longline fisheries in the Pacific, over four quarters of the year. - See more at:

Saving Leatherback Turtles through Maps

Finding a balance between the needs of humans with those of the natural environment has always been a challenge. There is substantial difficulty trying to manage the Earth’s resources – its land, water, plants, and animals – because of many complex problems that arise in doing so. Different groups of […]

GIS Software

Dokobots is a geosocial exergame for iOS devices.

Geosocial Exergames

A new International Journal of Health Geographics Editorial by Kamel Boulos and Yang discusses how mobile exergames for GPS (global positioning system)-enabled smartphones and mini-tablets can take players outdoors, in the open air, unlike console exergames (such as those using Kinect). The rise in popularity of geosocial exergames coincides with the increase in […]