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Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Geographer Style

What better way for geographers to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” than with geography? Nature supplies us with plenty of heart shape topography found around the world. Heart shaped islands, vegetation, and lakes make up this love themed geography article.

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Geospatial Redux: National Map Reading Week, Esri UC Call for Papers, Google Maps’s Blue Beam Measures Accuracy

This edition of Geospatial Redux takes a look at the first annual Map Reading Week hosted by the Ordnance Survey, Esri’s Call for Papers, and Google Maps’ new blue beam for directional accuracy.

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The World’s First Scratch and Sniff Interactive Story Map

What’s April 1st without a little map trickery? Last year, Google had cartophiles hunting for lost treasure.  This year, Google Maps is inviting users of  iPhone or Android devices to become a Pokémon Master. Scratch and Sniff Interactive Story Map Also making its debut on April 1, Esri has finally figured out a way […]

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Map of Halloween Costume Spending Across the United States. Source: Esri.Map of Halloween Costume Spending Across the United States. Source: Esri.

Halloween GIS Fun

Looking to add a little geo to your Halloween beyond the of proliferation Halloween Trick or Treater online maps? Halloween Cartography Gretchen Petersen has pulled together Halloween themed graphics for mapping on her blog.  The selection of three font collections includes a scary type font called Mostly Typeface by Chad Savage as […]

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Crowdsourced Traffic Data from Waze on Google Maps

Crowdsourced Traffic Data from Waze on Google Maps

Users of Google’s mapping products will notice the addition of more detailed traffic data, courtesy of Waze, an app that collects traffic and roadway conditions from its users. Last week, Google announced the integration of Waze user incident reports into its Google Maps for Mobile apps.  Android and iOS users […]

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Typing * in the search box on reveals all point information on Google Maps.

Google Maps Tips and Tricks

Google Maps has become an invaluable geographic and navigation resource for many people.  Listed here a some Google Maps tips and tricks that you may not already know about this popular online mapping application. Got a favorite Google Maps trick?  Email it to See Everything Google Maps Has About […]