GIS programs

GIS in Academia and Beyond Map Dashboard

Developed by Black Girls MAPP, a networking group that "connects and empowers women of color in the field of GIS",…

January 12, 2020

Digital Mapping Degree Tops Ranking of Most Unusual Degree

According to the staff at College Consensus, the University of Kentucky's Master's in Digital Mapping  has been ranked as  their top…

November 26, 2019

University of North Georgia Receives NSF Grant to Expand GIS Program

A National Science Foundation (NSF) was awarded to the University of North Georgia to expand its GIS program.

June 23, 2017

University of Chicago Opens the Center for Spatial Data Science

One new offering from the University of Chicago is the Center for Spatial Data Science. This center will be used…

March 27, 2017

Find Old GIS Software Programs

The Internet Archive is host to the largest historical archive of old software programs.  Now JSMESS, a Javascript port of the MESS emulator,…

October 28, 2013

Online Map of Geospatial and GIS Programs

The Geospatial Education Program Finder is a interactive map based listing of two year and four college higher education programs…

July 11, 2013

Online GIS Curriculum Databases

Resources to search worldwide for Universities and other institutes of learning for coursework and certificate programs in GIS. Search by…

May 21, 2014