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What Do GIS Professionals Make: GIS Salary Surveys

What are the average salaries for a GIS Analyst, GIS technician, or GIS manager? Finding out that answer depends on a variety of factors from the industry the job is located in, years of experience, and education level of the GIS employee. Salaries also vary greatly by region/ The best way to get an estimate as to your earning power based on your location, experience, and field of interest is through GIS salary surverys.

Preparing for a GIS Job Interview

Having sat on both sides of the table, I know that the interview process can sometimes be an uncomfortable and even painful process. To make matters more difficult, the GIS field requires a broad range of skills ranging from cartographic techniques to programming to relational database management. Acquiring enough depth in any of these areas can seem impossible especially when the field is still evolving at a horrendous pace. So what is it that’s really important when it comes to interviewing for a GIS position?