Free GIS Books

Most of these free GIS books are available in downloadable PDF format and can be read from a computer or…

August 9, 2019

Cyprus Signs an Agreement to Update its GIS with the Help of Esri

Esri has been selected to modernize Cyprus and its cadastre, in hopes of providing the country with a completely modernized,…

August 10, 2018

Can’t Make the Esri User Conference? Watch the Plenary for This GIS Conference Live Online

This year, Esri plans to stream the Plenary session from its 2018 User Conference live via its Facebook page.

July 8, 2018

What is a MXD File?

Files with the extension .mxd are ArcMap document files. MXD files are created by Esri's ArcMap, a component of the…

June 27, 2018

Story Map Gallery Fine Print

Olivia Harne discusses her personal experiences with how Esri's Story Map Gallery's fine print requirements can be a barrier to…

March 23, 2018

Take a Virtual Tour Through the 24,000 Acres That Will be Preserved Thanks to the Founders of Esri

Jack and Laura Dangermond, the founders of Esri, have donated  $165 million to the Nature Conservancy to purchase 38 square miles…

December 23, 2017

Insights for ArcGIS 2.0 Released

Insights now has new ways to visualize data with new charts: box plots, data clocks, chord diagrams and heat charts…

July 3, 2017

ArcGIS Runtime 100.1 Now Available

ArcGIS Runtime 100.1, dubbed "Update 1" per ArcGIS' announcement, is now available for use.

June 30, 2017

New Updates to Esri’s Story Maps

Learn about the new updates to Esri's Story Maps.

August 22, 2018

Connecting Government with Residents With ArcGIS Hub

A new update to ArcGIS Open Data has brought in a new feature for those who wish to engage their…

June 29, 2017